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Yurrita White Tuna in Olive Oil (111g Tin)

Yurrita White Tuna in Olive Oil (111g Tin)

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Chunks of Bonito del Norte from the coast of the Bay of Biscay. They are caught during the summer months using traditional fishing methods through sustainable fishing management. After carefully selecting the freshest tuna, cutting and selecting the belly, the fillets are boiled and cleaned to get rid of the outer skin by expert hands who for generations have worked preparing these canned products. Once the fillets are clean, they are sliced by hand and packed in olive oil.

3.9 oz tin (2.5 oz drained)

Perfect for salads or a mezze platter.

Yurrita is a small family-owned business located in Mutriku (Guipúzcoa). After five generations and a history of almost 150 years, Yurrita is the oldest canning company in the Basque Country and one of the oldest agrifood industries in operation in Spain.

About Yurrita
It was 1867 when the Yurrita family started producing and selling local fresh, salted and pickled fish. The local catch was mainly Albacore, mackerel, sardine and seabream packed in tins of 5/6kg.

The original factory was set up in the basement of the family house, known as Casa Mauleon. After five generations and more than 150 years of history, Yurrita has become the oldest canning company in the Basque Country and one of the oldest food companies in Spain still active today.

While Cantabrico anchovies and Bonito are today the flagships of the company, we also produce a wide range of gourmet food products.

One of our greatest success is our unique range of Spanish “croquetas”. These are considered the “tapa” by excellence throughout Spain. We offer many delicious flavors, from the most traditional, such as iberico ham, codfish or mushrooms to the unique and modern ones such as truffle or plankton varieties.