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Ghee is clarified butter and an excellent ingredient to have in the kitchen. It's commonly used in Indian food, but also works great for pastries or anything else that might call for clarified butter.

Heated until the milk solids separate from the butter, Ghee has a high smoke point, making it a great candidate for sautéing or any cooking method that would normally burn the solids in traditional butter - Ghee's smoke point is generally around 465 compared to butter's 350.

Additionally, because the water normally present in butter has been cooked off, it's shelf-stable. It's rich with Omega-3s and also contains the fatty acid conjugated linoleic acid - CLA - which is associated with a reduction in body fat and blood pressure.

About the maker: This ghee is made in Lancaster, PA from local grass fed, non GMO, unsalted, sweet cream butter. They source all their butter from a dairy sourcing from local co-ops. It is a family-owned business that procures 100% of its milk from 35 local family-owned farmers.

The dairy company was created in 1994 by Ned MacArthur and his father Norman. These two men teamed up with four organic dairy farmers in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Together this team created a sustainable process in which grass-fed organic milk could be produced, transported, processed, and packaged. They did this without ever having to work with the volume-based milk industry.

The flavor of the final product is extraordinary - use on sautéed vegetables, pasta, coffee, soups, toast, you name it.

Pairs well with: Wild Mountain Cumin, Lemonfair Saffron, New Harvest Turmeric