Kerwee Wagyu Beef Strip Loin Steaks (12 oz)

Kerwee Wagyu Beef Strip Loin Steaks (12 oz)

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Winner of World Steak Challenge 2019

Winner of the Triple Crown Steak Challenge 2019

Sustainable family farming in Darling Downs, Queensland, Australia

Beef marble score of 4 to 7

Highest quality tender meat with a rich and silky flavor

Most awarded grain fed Wagyu beef in Australia

Certified hormone-free, growth promotant-free and GMO-free

Grass fed, then finished on a minimum of 400 days on white grain (Australia barley and wheat, no corn)

About Kerwee Beef

Based in Darling Downs, Queensland in Australia, the Kerwee Group is a vertically integrated family owned company and has complete control over their production systems. They raise incredible Wagyu and Angus cattle, finishing their beef on a minimum of 400 days on grain to promote the best possible marbling in their steaks.