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Granoro Rigatoni Dedicato Pasta (1 LB)

Granoro Rigatoni Dedicato Pasta (1 LB)

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Rigatoni is one of the most flexible pastas around, and this is a particularly great one to have on hand.  All products in Granoro's Dedicato line of pastas are Bronze Cut, as opposed to the teflon die cut more commonly used for dried pasta.

What's the benefit of a bronze die?  Primarily, this produces a roughly exterior for the pasta (if you go to the supermarket and look at the cheapest bag of pasta, the exterior will look extremely smooth - this is teflon die cut). Rougher surface means more sauce, more sauce means more flavor, more flavor hopefully means we'll see you here again stocking up on more pasta.

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Cooking Uses:

  • Cook in its pasta water with cheese and black pepper for Cacio e Pepe.
  • Make a Ragú with some delicious Happy Valley Meat Ground Beef.

Goes Well With: Calabrian ChilesBottarga, Olivestri Siloro Olive Oil