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Crown Finish Caves Cheese Variety Pack

Crown Finish Caves Cheese Variety Pack

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This is a box of 5 assorted 1 pound pieces of cheese including Tubby, Washed Bufarolo, Queen of Corona, Goatlet, and Barnburner. Buy this box for yourself or for a friend.

Cheeses included:

  • Tubby - Alpine Style - Springbrook Farm (VT) - raw cow’s milk
  • Washed Bufarolo - Taleggio Style - Quattro Portoni (IT) - pasteurized buffalo’s milk
  • Queen of Corona - Natural Rind - Quesos Corcuera (SP) - pasteurized goat’s milk
  • Goatlet - Natural Rind - Consider Bardwell Farm (VT) - raw cow and goat’s milk
  • Barnburner - Smoked Clothbound Cheddar Style - Grafton Village Cheese Company (VT) - thermized cow’s milk with annatto

Allergens: Milk

One Variety Pack is 5 LB.