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ADI Apicoltura Organic Milefiori (Wildflower) Raw Italian Honey

ADI Apicoltura Organic Milefiori (Wildflower) Raw Italian Honey

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Milefiori – thousand flowers! Made from a blend of flowers, consequently, the flavor can vary from batch to batch, but it is always very delicate, without any aftertaste.  It has the aroma of caramel, reminiscent of toffee along with clean floral and citrus scents. Crystallization is solid only after a long time.  Excellent on toast or for sweetening hot drinks. Winner of the Honey Oscar for best Millefiori in Italy.

ADI Apicoltura uses Nomadic Cultivation - moving the hives from from region to region to find the best organic meadows and fileds.   This honey was produced in Abruzzo and Marche.

400 Gram Jar (14.11 oz.)

Absolutely organic,  extracted without being pasteurized, heated or altered in any way.

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