ADI Apicoltura Organic Melata di Bosco (Forest) Raw Italian Honey

ADI Apicoltura Organic Melata di Bosco (Forest) Raw Italian Honey

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Melata di Bosco is also called Forrest Honey or Honeydew Honey.  One of the rarest and most complex honeys in the world, it is produced by bees only once a year in a 45-day period high in Alpine trees of linden, fir and oak. Magically it is not produced from pollen but from the secretion of aphids that live on these trees. The bees have a symbiotic relation with the aphids, even herding and protecting them. The color of the honey is extremely dark, brown to black. It almost never crystallizes, staying liquid.

The flavor is quite strong with a salty aftertaste. It reminds of dry fruit and malt and fresh vegetable. The aroma is of balsamic, resinous and slightly smoked. This is a unique, rare and haunting honey that goes well with fresh ricotta served with dried fruit and sweet and lightly aged cheeses. This honey in Italy is also known as sport honey, because it is a great source of natural minerals and trace elements. In Italy, it is regarded for its antiseptic properties and some doctors recommend it for curing lung disorders.

ADI Apicoltura uses Nomadic Cultivation - moving the hives from from region to region to find the best organic meadows and fileds.   This honey was produced in  Abruzzo - Lombardia – Piemonte.

400 Gram Jar (14.11 oz.)

Absolutely organic,  extracted without being pasteurized, heated or altered in any way.

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