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ADI Apicoltura Organic Acacia Raw Italian Honey

ADI Apicoltura Organic Acacia Raw Italian Honey

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monofloral honey, entirely created through the work of bees in fields where organic Acacia grows. The color is transparent to clear straw and it always stays liquid. The taste is delicate and creamy of sugared almonds with a floral and vanilla aroma. It goes well with complex cheeses such as gorgonzola, mascarpone and blue cheese. It is also nice on toast and for sweetening hot drinks.

ADI Apicoltura uses Nomadic Cultivation - moving the hives from from region to region to find the best organic meadows and fields.   This honey was produced in Abruzzo - Lombardia – Piemonte.

400 Gram Jar (14.11 oz.)

Absolutely organic - extracted without being pasteurized, heated or altered in any way. 

Stock up on this as well as more Picnic Essentials.

More ADI Apicoltura Honey Flavors: Orange, Eucalyptus, Forest, Wildflower

Goes well with: Signal Rock Reserve, CamembertAll Crown Finish Caves Cheeses