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About Us

Our Goal 

We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity right now to remake our food systems from the ground up - a smaller, healthier, more transparent system that rewards ethically sound, environmentally beneficial business practices and avoids the mistakes of our broken large-scale industrialized model.

When COVID-19 forced restaurant shutdowns across the country, restaurant suppliers were left in a tough position trying to pivot to direct-to-consumer grocery sales. Without their traditional restaurant wholesale accounts, many businesses saw their sales drop by as much as 80-90%, and now that restaurants are slowly opening back up their sales are “only” down by 50-60%.

These are small businesses normally partnering with top restaurants throughout the USA - independent businesses leading the charge toward a sustainable restaurant and grocery supply chain. We created Local Porter to help these small restaurant suppliers and food producers survive and thrive. By supporting these businesses, we believe we can help our restaurant and grocery food systems come out of the current crisis with a stronger, more transparent supply chain intact.


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